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This following are links to pages that deal with discussion of various issues related to the planned development and/or preservation of the Federal Lands. 

Response to ALC Proposal for Inclusion of Federally Owned Lands in City of Surrey into the ALR
First Nations Intervention in ALC Hearing and ALC Response
ALC submissions as of January 23rd, 2023

Correspondence to Surrey Mayor and Council
Correspondence to Agricultural Land Commission

Correspondence to Neighbours 
Correspondence from Heppells to Surrey Mayor and Council
CBC Video on Importance of the Federal Land
Federal Land within the Campbell Heights Development
Proposed ALR Inclusion of Federal Lands in the City of Surrey
Disposal of Federal lands risks food supply disruptions in Surrey, BC
Surrey Council directs staff to assess, preserve agricultural land for food security
Protecting Surrey's Urban Forest
Letter of Support from the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food
Surrey Mayor Commits to OCP Change  to Agricultural Use
Kerry-Lynne Findlay MP- Protect The Federal Farmland
MP Aldag Calls for Preserving Federal Lands
BC Agriculture Council Statement of Support
Preserving a Critical Farmland Asset in BC
Weir Planning to Increase Pollution
Langley-Surrey Border and Metro Vancouver
Environmental and Agricultural Preservation - Government Response
Orion, Surrey and Bordering Neighbours Issues
Cities as a Survival Mechanism Article
Orion Response to Public Info Meeting
Dialogue with Allison of Surrey for Future
Conversation with Federal Public Works
Dialogue with MLA Andrew Mercier
Sarah's Update
Contacting Indigenous People
Comments from Heppell Farms
Planning, City of Surrey
Orion Zoom Meeting of March 16.
Dialogue re 36th ave and 196 St Orion development Proposal No. 19 0256
Open Letter to Neighbours February 10, 2021
Email to the Minister of Agriculture in BC, February 28, 2021​
City of Surrey Communique

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