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Correspondence to Mayor and Council Sent January 10, 2023

Last summer Surrey Council endorsed the preservation of agricultural status for the Federal Land currently identified in the planned development for Campbell Heights North. The Agricultural Land Commission will hold a Public Hearing on January 23 to determine the feasibility of including the Federal Land in the Agricultural Land Reserve.


While yet to be determined, should the current disposal action by the Federal Government result in the sale of the subject land, having it in the ALR will provide protection for continued agricultural use. Further, it is hoped that Surrey Mayor and Council will recognize the importance of maintaining agricultural use of the Federal Land, and adjust the current Campbell Heights Community Plan accordingly.


A local petition supporting this agricultural asset has been signed by over 70,000 people. In addition, a Federal petition tabled by John Aldag, MP, was signed by over 8000. Detail can be found at 


It is understood that this issue will be raised at upcoming Surrey Council meetings. Please recognize the importance of this matter and vote to protect this valuable agricultural asset.



Nigel Bell

Local resident.

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