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City of Surrey Communique

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Lessons from our contact with the City of Surrey, related to biodiversity, is summarized as follows.

We have learned that there are so many social and economic variables that can come into play that the realities and likelihood of opportunity is difficult to gauge. But a cohesive community voice can go a long way to engage the relevant levels of government (municipal, provincial, federal etc.) in recognizing and integrating opportunities for conservation-based acquisition. The same goes for ensuring the objectives and intentions of the City’s BCS/GIN are integrated during local area planning windows for consultation. We have learned that it is also valuable to follow these processes through as things proceed to the development permitting review stage.

Contacting A Rocha or any of the other stewardship interests (Surrey Environmental Partners, Surrey/WR Naturalists, Little Campbell River Watershed Society etc.) may be helpful. We have learned that there have been ongoing conversations within the community around a broader plan for the nearby Little Campbell watershed in respect to creating an extensive greenway corridor in the south part of the City through major land acquisitions. Even though this relates to the area that drains to the Nicomekl, we think it may still be worthwhile to connect with these folks to explore a best approach for our own interests regarding the Federal Lands.

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