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Orion Response to Public Info Meeting

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

April 12 revisions to the proposed development following the Public Information Meeting of March 16. Comments requested on or before Friday April 16.

Landscape Buffer Changes & 196 Street Road Upgrades

196 Street Road Upgrades

- Revisions to the road upgrades for the western side of 196 include:

o Removal of bike lane

o Removal of on-street parking

o Removal of the 1.8m sidewalk that is replaced with a 4.0m MUP (multi-use pathway). The MUP meanders and in some areas is 3.0m wide to accommodate existing tree retention

Note: The transportation department with the City of Surrey is currently reviewing comments that were provided on the concerns with speed along 196 Street. This would be a separate process and would not be tied to this specific application.

Landscape Buffer Changes

- Landscaped berm has been revised to be 2m (6’-6”) high. The berm will include a 3m wide plateau at the top with a 3:1 slope on each side. Where tree retention is proposed, the plateau will be 1m wide with a 3.5:1 slope.

- Addition of a solid sound attenuating wall has been added to the top of the 2m high berm. This wall will be a precast concrete fence at a height of 3m (9’-10”). The wall will be continuous along the eastern property line from north to south.

- Total height of combined berm and sound attenuating wall will be 5m (16’-4”).

- Revision to trees that will be planted within the buffer that is composed of primarily native conifers which occupy this land naturally. This includes a large amount of douglas-fir, western red cedar, western white pine, grand fir and hemlock.

- Removal of pedestrian pathways connecting the proposed development and 196 Street.

- The City of Surrey has agreed to allow the installation of the landscape buffer prior to the start of construction of the proposed development.


Revisions to the proposed development following the Changes Provided on April 12.

Landscape Buffer Changes

- Details of the berm have been enhanced and will include the following.

o From the most western side of the landscape buffer to the eastern side it will consist of:

 2m high retaining wall

 3m high sound attenuation wall located as far west of the landscape buffer

 8m wide plateau at the top of the 2m high berm – fully landscaped

 6m wide 3:1 slope from top of berm to 196 Street elevation – fully landscaped

 4.5m wide flat area – fully landscaped

The 196 Street road upgrade details will remain the same as the previous version.

196 Street Road upgrades @ tree retention locations (North)

- Grassed boulevard (c/w lamp standards) – 5.7m wide

- MUP – 3m wide

- Pavement – 3.3m wide

196 Street Road upgrades where no existing trees are located (South)

- MUP – 4m wide

- Grassed boulevard (c/w lamp standards) – 4.7m wide

- Pavement – 3.3m wide

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