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Email to the Minister of Agriculture in BC, February 28, 2021​

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Dear Ms Popham;

I am writing to enquire about the preservation of agricultural land that is currently owned by the federal government. The land is not in the ALR, but is currently zoned A1.It is approximately 300 acres in size with about 200 acres currently producing mixed vegetables. Heppell Farms have been working the land for almost 50 years and the soil usually yields two crops each year. The address is 3884 192nd Street in Surrey.

The land has been declared surplus by the federal government.and they are currently seeking possible government tenants. If unsuccessful, the land will be sold and used for industrial development. The City of Surrey has included this land in its Campbell Heights development planning.

As one of a number of neighbouring residents who are concerned with the future use of this property, I wonder if you can advise me of any mechanisms that will ensure that this valuable agricultural land will continue to feed the Lower Mainland and not become part of an industrial development.


Nigel Bell

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