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Planning, City of Surrey

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

On April 5, 2021, Nigel Bell sent an email to the City of Surrey mayor and council, with a copy to the Township of Langley mayor and council. The purpose of the email was to encourage Surrey mayor and council to vote to maintain the 30 metre buffer as described in Development Proposal No. 19 0256.

Good morning Nigel,

Thank you for your email, which will be distributed to the Mayor and Council members and forwarded to the Community Development Division for their information.


Melissa Cook | Executive AssistantTownship of Langley Mayor & Council Corporate Administration Division20338 - 65 Avenue, Langley BC V2Y 3J1Phone: 604.533.6000 Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube P Please consider the environment before printing this email

Dear Council,

My neighbours and I are concerned that council will permit the change to the landscape buffer from 30 to 20 meters.

Please know that the Langley residential neighbours affected by this proposal are unanimous in the need to maintain the 30 meter buffer.

Thank you

On March 19, 2021, the following was provided by Kevin Shackles, City of Surrey Planner.

The majority of the Federal lands are designated “Technology Park or Business Park” with portions along the Township border and northern extent designated as “Open Space Corridors/Buffers”. As you note, current development in Campbell Heights will likely set a precedent for what can be expected here, but given the uncertainty and the sheer size of these lands, no one can say for certain. Still, I would expect some form of light-industrial development. Through any development of the properties that abut the Township, residents of ToL will be notified through those particular development processes. Similar to the Federal lands, there are no current development plans for the City-owned parcel at the southeast corner.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.


Email of March 19 2021 to Kevin Shackles, City of Surrey Planner

Hi Kevin.

We have a loose organization of Brookswood neighbours in Langley that are concerned about how adjacent developments in Surrey will impact them. See

Although we may be a long way away from seeing development on the Federal Land, other current developments in Surrey signal what can be expected.

So, keeping abreast of Surrey plans is important to our neighbourhood. It may allow for adjustments to Surrey plans that will ease the impact of future developments.

I should also ask who has the lead on the approximately 30 acres of Surrey land in the south east of the Federal property. Any development there will require generous setbacks from Langley residents backing on to the municipal boundary.

Thanks for your help and understating, Kevin


Nigel Bell

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