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Orion, Surrey and Bordering Neighbours

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The following is an exchange of emails between the City of Surrey, Orion Construction and Langley neighbours residing on 196 Street, and bordering the Orion development at the corner of 36 Avenue and 196 Street. Surrey Council is considering the buffer issue. See for meeting agenda and video of proceedings. The following should be read from the bottom up.

On Thursday, April 29th, Kevin Responded

RE: 36 Avenue & 196 Street - City of Surrey Application #19-0256

Hello Tisha, Staff are balancing the competing needs of delivering a robust landscape buffer that delivers on a visual and physical separation between residential and industrial uses, while also acknowledging the increasing cost and shortage of industrial land that is of vital importance in Metro Vancouver. Staff acknowledge the significant concerns expressed by Township of Langley residents and have worked extensively with the applicant to improve the landscape buffer. Staff provided an alternative solution that achieved a 30 metre buffer, but ultimately, the applicant decided to proceed with a 20 metre landscape buffer, which staff will present to Council for their consideration. Staff cannot outright reject a proposal to amend the Local Area Plan, as this decision ultimately rests with Council. The proposal has not been considered by Council, however the project is scheduled to proceed to Council on May 10 for introduction. Should Council wish to proceed, a Public Hearing would then be scheduled for May 31. Instructions on how to provide feedback directly to Mayor and Council can be found here. Regards, Kevin KEVIN SHACKLES,

On April 28, Nigel Bell wrote:

Subject: Comment by April 30 2021 re Proposal No. 19 0256

Hello Kevin,

My neighbours and I are concerned that council will permit the change to the landscape buffer from 30 to 20 meters.

Please know that the Langley residential neighbours affected by this proposal are unanimous in the need to maintain the 30 meter buffer.

Please ensure that this is conveyed to both Orion and to Council.


Nigel Bell

Tisha Responded:

Subject: Re: 36 Avenue & 196 Street - City of Surrey Application #19-0256

Kevin, You have expressed previously in writing and in the public meeting that it was the City of Surrey who was to make the decision about the reduction of the buffer zone. Yet your comments below imply that the developer has the choice? When did this change and has the City brought this to vote? Best regards,

Tisha On Apr 26, 2021, at 1:43 PM, Shackles, Kevin <> wrote: Hello Tisha, Braden sent out the revised proposal this morning. Staff have worked with the applicant to address the concerns expressed by residents. Ultimately, the applicant has decided to move forward with a 20 metre landscape buffer, but has addressed a number of other concerns expressed by residents at the Public Information Meeting. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know by Friday, April 30 so that these comments can be included in the Planning Report to Council. This project is scheduled to be presented to Council at the May 10, 2021 Regular Council – Land Use meeting. Regards, KEVIN SHACKLES, BA, PDD (Applied Planning) | PLANNER 1 CITY OF SURREY Planning and Development 13450 104th Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada V3T 1V8 T 604.591.4504 | Tisha Responded:

From: Tisha Krafte <> Sent: April 16, 2021 9:24 AM To: bsmith <>; Shackles, Kevin <> Cc: STEVIE <STEVIE_K@SHAW.CA>; blong <>; krichter <> Subject: Re: 36 Avenue & 196 Street - City of Surrey Application #19-0256 Dear Braden, Kevin, Thank you for your email. We appreciate that most of our concerns were addressed with the changes and upgrades as you have informed. We like the idea of the wall, removal of the pathways, bike lane and street parking. In addition, we are thankful that the installation of the buffer prior to construction was agreed. Having said that, we still strongly oppose the reduction buffer zone from 30m to 20m. We do hope that our concerns with the reduction has been brought up to the City of Surrey. This reduction will greatly effect our day-today living, and property values. We do look forward to hearing from you on this matter. Best regards, Tisha and Steve Krafte 3570 196 Street. Langley, BC

Orion Wrote to a number of neighbours:

From: "bsmith" <> Sent: Monday, April 12, 2021 9:57:48 AM Subject: 36 Avenue & 196 Street - City of Surrey Application #19-0256 Good afternoon, Further to the public information meeting and review of the comments and feedback received, I have attached a summary of the applicable changes to our proposed development complete with details of the drawing revisions. If you could please review and provide any further comments on or before Friday April 16. Much appreciated, Braden Smith

Manager, Preconstruction Orion Constructionp:

604 . 537 . 7943

Surrey BC, V3Z 0Y6

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