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Dialogue with Allison of Surrey for Future

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

She replies to Rod in Red.

On Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 5:20 PM Rod Hull <> wrote: Hi Allison, Erin, Sebastian, A number of neighbours on the Langley / Surrey border have been working together to protect the Federal Lands at 192-196 Street [I have cc'd Nigel and Sarah], including setting up a Facebook group and website [checkout the blog there]. We continue to seek how best to preserve the Federal Land, and ask for the Surrey For Future group's help and guidance.

Have you heard that the Federal Gov is planning on selling this land? We are wondering how urgent this threat is? 1. Federal Government "Protect Nature Challenge -" they have committed to protect 30% of Canada's land; can we gain their commitment to preserve this Federal Land? Do you have contacts with the Environment Minister and Dept.? Do you have contacts with the Natural Heritage Conservation Program - administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, in partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada, Wildlife Habitat Canada, We have contacted our MP's but both are conservative, and we also need support of Liberals. How can we leverage this to have all of our Federal politicians and others to Protect Our Federal Lands!? More info websites: A group we are associated with, Citizens' Climate Lobby Canada (Surrey chapter) has met several times with Ken Hardie and once with Randeep Sarai. We could chat with you about those meetings and how to set up meetings with MPs if you would like. I love the idea of getting all the Surrey MPs to work together on this, but I'm honestly not sure how much contact they have with each other (even the 3 Liberal MPs). I am not politically astute, but I see several paths (that you've probably already thought of!). With a federal election coming soon, maybe there's a way to force this into being a local election issue. Maybe some news coverage about your concern could help get it on the radar and then there might be other ways to boost it, such as asking about it at town halls, or even setting up an online town hall for residents in that area to talk to the various candidates about it? We might be able to provide assistance with setting up a town hall (for example, providing Zoom access). Another option might be to pitch it as a project that could bring the Cons and Lib MPs together... but honestly the two parties (not necessarily these specific individuals) seem to prefer to take pot shots at each other rather than ever try to cooperate. Working together on something might be contrary to their goals in the time leading up to an election. 2. We need the support of local Indigenous peoples. Do you have contacts of key people that would support protecting the Federal Land?

I don't think so... but I will keep asking around about this. 3. Species at Risk SAR; if we could identify species at risk in the area would significantly support Federal Government commitment to protect the Land. Do you know how and who we could get to do the required research and investigation to confirm SAR; universities, naturalists, what agencies? Have you tried using the resources here? There are some mapping systems and databases that might be useful:

Wilderness Committee might also be a group you could reach out to. I have seen information about some species at risk on their maps of the TMX construction areas. There are also the White Rock & Surrey Naturalists. Have you had any contact with them yet? 4. I believe we need to work with groups and individuals working to preserve the greenspaces and forests, to support the Surrey Biodiversity Conservation Strategy [attached] to link the green corridors, GIN, HUBS, in Surrey and Langley. I am not sure how you might want to do this, but it seems ideal to try to get both Surrey and Langley city staff on board. Who replied to you in the email you excerpted below? I might be able to chat informally with someone I know in the planning department of Township of Langley. We have had some success in having Zoom meetings with some Surrey staff. They seem open to discussing issues if you ask if they can meet with you. We could maybe chat more about this in a Zoom meeting or phone call. Who have you reached out to already? 5. How best to work with the City of Surrey and to get Surrey Council support? How best to do this?

Councillor Pettigrew is the most environmentally minded Councillor. Brenda Locke is the next most environmentally aware. Of course the challenge is that the Safe Surrey coalition always votes as a block, so you'll have to find a way to get them on board for any proposal. We could maybe chat about this more by phone or Zoom. We have observed that they can be persuaded to come on board for certain things that they view as positive for the city. Thanks, Allison

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