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Comments from Heppell Farms

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

This was an email received from Wes Heppell on March 10, 2021 concerning possible disposal of the Federal Land at 3884 192 Street, Surrey. It was in response to the letter sent to all our neighbours about the issues we are focused on.


It has been a very long time since we have talked. Hope you are well thru these troubling times.

It would be beneficial to have a conversation of what you have heard about Communication land. We have been informed that they want to put it out tender which we oppose due to all the capital expenditures for upgrades we have put into the property.

We wrote a letter laying out costs of upgrades and processes undertaken to ensure land would be viable for next generation. Also went thru how strategic this parcel of land is in producing first potatoes, carrots and cabbage to market each year in Canada.

I received a email back 4 weeks ago saying they received my email and would respond with in 2 weeks. We have not heard back and will follow up on our desire to have a meeting on site to look at lands and talk thru important points.

We will keep you informed in what transpires.

I will cc Mias -Heppell GM and Tristin- Heppell’s crop manager.

Would like to organize a call with you if possible.


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