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Correspondence to Neighbours Sent January 3, 2023

Hello Neighbours!


This concerns the Federal Lands at the corner of 36th Avenue and 192nd Street in Surrey. The Land is currently under the Federal Government’s Disposal process and requires urgent response by concerned citizens to protect that Federal Land from potential development. 


You may have heard that the Agricultural Land Commission intends to hold a Public Hearing to consider expressions of interest in the possible placing of the Federal Lands into the Agricultural Land Reserve. See the detail of this at


Surrey City staff anticipate a Corporate Report on the matter of the Federal Lands in North Campbell Heights ALC Inclusion Proposal in the New Year. This Council Report is anticipated for the January 16th, 2023 regular Surrey City Council meeting and is expected to provide options for Council to respond to the proposed ALC ALR Inclusion of the Federally owned lands in North Campbell Heights.


Prior to January 16th, you may wish to send a note to Surrey Mayor and Council encouraging them to support the inclusion of the Federal Lands in the ALR. Here are their email addresses:

Mayor Brenda Locke,

Councilor Mandeep Nagra,

Councilor Mike Bose,

Councilor Doug Elford,

Councilor Gordon Hepner,

Councilor Linda Annis,

Councilor Rob Stutt,

Councilor Pardeep Kooner,

Councilor Harry Bains,


Currently, Federal Public Works is going through the process of determining if there is further interest in the property by all levels of government and Indigenous peoples. In July of this year, the City of Surrey Council stated that the agricultural use of the Federal Land should be protected. It is uncertain if the Official Community Plan for Campbell Heights North will be updated accordingly and include consideration of how to best protect the forest habitat that is part of this Federal Land.


Nevertheless, the unique nature of the Federal Land for agriculture has been recognized by the Commission. What happens following the hearing will, in part, be determined by your support and participation at that Public Hearing. Please consider making a written submission or presentation as defined on the above website.The hearing will be held at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 23, 2023 at KPU Langley Campus Auditorium, 20901 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC. We hope to see you there.


This email has been sent to about 55 addresses, including all levels of government. Please forward it through social media and email to any neighbours, family and friends that may support protecting this Federal Land. Be sure to visit and refresh your browser to see the latest info. Also, further background can be found at


Thanks for your interest, support and action.


Your neighbours, Nigel Bell, Rod Hull, and Sarah Dennis 

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