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Sarah's Update

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

*Update 1* - Hi everyone I wanted to provide an update on some of the things Nigel, Rod, and I have been working on. We have been in contact with politicians of all levels of government and environmental groups. A few people we are and have been in communication with:


-MLA Andrew Mercier.: MLA Mercier advised that he is unable to help us and said we would need to work with the Federal Government and City of Surrey. My hope was that he could help connect us with the Provincial Minister of agriculture, as ALR is a Provincial matter. His suggestion was to contact her directly, which I did two weeks ago and received no response. I also emailed the BCs Minister of Environment and the MLA of South Surrey Stephanie Cadieux, again no response. I will create a second post with MLA Merciers email response.


-MP'S Tako van Popta & Kerry-Lynne Findlay (MPs of Langley & south surrey): Both MPs offered to support us. Back in Feb, MP van Popta came to our neighbourhood to see how he can help us. He said he would do more research on the development situation and get back to Us. Communication has been very slow with them and there have been no updates from either office's since the beginning of March. I am going to be persistent with these two MPs as we really need their support! On that note, I also emailed the Federal Governments Minister of Environment, no response.


-LEPS. Little Campbell Valley Watershed Society: Two amazing local organizations. They will not get involved directly, but have offered some helpful suggestions. One of them is to get an Environmental expert to come and identify species at risk. Still looking for someone, if anyone in this group can help with this.


-Surrey for Future: Rod Hull reached out to this group. From what I understand, they are an environmental activist group. The members who we have spoken with are extremely knowledgeable and have been helpful. They provided some information on the City of Surrey Council and key Government contacts in the City of Surrey. They seem to have lots of connections and will be an excellent resource for us.


-City of Surrey employees in the Environmental & Community planning departments. We have not been in contact with council members. This might be something to consider, especially after speaking to the members of Surrey for Future.


-Nigel sent emails to local indigenous groups, we have not received any responses from them yet

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