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What's New

The following is intended to document changes to the website.

January 25, 2023. Added a Dialog item and Press Clipping re the ALC meeting.
January 20, 2023. Cleaned up the text.
January 18, 2023. Added the Minister of Innovation Science and Industry Petition response to the Status page.
January 18, 2023. Adjusted the Dialog submenu.
January 17, 2023. Added new Dialog pages.
January 17, 2023. Added a Press Clipping re ALC Public Hearing. Re-arranged the headings.
January 14, 2023. Added a Press Clipping re ALC Public Hearing.
January 11, 2023. Added a Press Clipping re ALC Public Hearing
January 3, 2023. Added CBC Video to Dialog page. Repaired a bad link.
December 24, 2022. Updated Key Agencies page with Surrey Councilors.
December 23, 2022. Posted the federal response from Ben Black to the Federal Land Status Page.
December 22, 2022. Updated Federal Land Dialog and Federal Land Status pages.
December 21, 2022. Updated Key Agencies page.
December 21, 2022. Posted the letter to the feds from Tristin to the Dialog page.
December 20 2022, Posted the ALR proposal to the Dialog page
December 20, 2022. Updated Federal Land Status page
December 20, 2022. Posted the ALR sign to Sign Postings.
December 20, 2022. Updated Key Agencies page.
December 20, 2022. On the Home page, posted the video of John Aldag tabling the Petition 
December 7, 2022. Updated the petition count on the Home page.
September 16, 2022. Put the notice of the Federal Petition on the Home page.
September 15, 2022. Added items to Dialog and Press Clippings.
July 23, 2022. Added a Letter of Support from the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food to Dialog
July 21, 2022. Added a Letter of Support from Kerry-Lynne Findlay, MP, to the Dialog 
July 14, 2022. Added further Press Clippings re Surrey Commitment to the Agricultural Land
July 8, 2022. Added Press Clipping re McCallum Commitment.
July 8, 2022. Posted Mayor McCallum Agricultural Commitment to Dialog.
July 8, 2022. Posted a Press Clipping re A Rocha event.
June 28 2022. Added Dialog content from MPs and the BC Agriculture Council
June 28, 2022. Created a Dialog Page to replace the Blog pages.
June 24, 2022. Updated the main page with a notice about the petition.
June 22, 2022. Added items to the Blog Preserving a critical farmland asset in BC.
June 21, 2022. Added a Press Clipping re Surrey potato farmers worry land could be turned into warehouses.
June 20, 2022. Added a Press Clipping re Surrey Farmers' attempts to protect the federal land.
June 20, 2022. Added Press Clipping re Federal Land Paving over threat.
June 14, 2022. Added this video concerning food security and the federal land:
June 10, 2022. Advised of a TicToc link re the Heppell Farms at
June 10, 2022. Updated the Federal Land within the Campbell Heights Development Blog.
June 9, 2022. Added a Press Clipping about the development vulnerability of the federal land.
June 9, 2022. Added a letter to the Blog from the Surrey Farmers Institute.
June 8, 2022. Added item to Blog re the petition,
May 22, 2022. Added a Press Clipping about farmland loss to development.
May 14, 2022. Added a Press Clipping from May 2019 about tree removal and compensation.
May 10, 2022. Added a Press Clipping and Blog item about Weir increasing emissions.
April 1, 2022. Added two Press Clippings on the topic of trees.
March 25, 2022. Posted a general statement on the Blog concerning meetings with political decision makers.
March 12, 2022, Added Rod's comments to the Preserving a critical farmland asset in BC Blog.
March 11, 2022, Updated the Preserving a critical farmland asset in BC Blog with meeting info,
February 28, 2022. Posted three Press Clippings about Campbell Heights South Metro Approval
Feb 20, 2022. Added the response to the Brookswood-Fernridge Neighbourhood Plan Public Engagement to the Langley Surrey Border Blog.
February 11, 2022. Added editorial comments to the Langley Surrey Border Blog introduction.
February 9, 2022. Add a link to the Nature Conservancy of Canada under Relevant Links.
February 8, 2022. Edited the home page to consider changes to the Campbell Heights Industrial Plans.
February 7, 2022. Added two Press Clippings related to lack of First Nations consultation for expanded South Campbell Heights
January 31, 2022. Added a clipping titled Regional government directs Surrey to seek added consultation on plans for expansion of industrial lands
January 29, 2022. Added a clipping about Metro Vancouver pausing  the South Campbell Heights development proposal
January 28. 2022. Added a summary of the Heppell meeting to the Blog.
January 23, 2022. Added a TOL clipping re Forest Management. 
January 17, 2022. Added correspondence to the Contacting Indigenous Peoples Blog.
January 16, 2022. Added comments to the Langley Surrey Border Blog.
January 3, 2022. Added a clipping about cancelling the Campbell Heights South plan.
December 26, 2021. Added a clipping about private land acquisitions.
December 20, 2021. Sent an email to the Surrey and Vancouver press with a link to this website and statement as follows: "This is related to the Campbell Heights developments and incompatible land use between Langley and Surrey. Surrey continues to push against Metro bylaws in its developments in Campbell Heights North." 
December 20, 2021. Added a clipping about tree cutting.
December 16, 2021. Added two clippings about land preservation. Added correspondence to Metro Vancouver concerning the current development of the property at 196 St and 36 Ave.
November 27, 2021. Added a March 2021 press clipping re Ministerial warning to Surrey about nixing the agricultural advisory committee. Fixed the Edge Planning link under Relevant Links.
November 22, 2021. Added a photo of signs to the north of the federal property.
November 17, 2021. Added the statement to the blog from Heppell Farms about the federal land.
November 2, 2021. Added a June 7 clipping about Surrey climate emergency. Updated dates and added a deforestation article. Included a link to John Aldag under Key Agencies.
November 1, 2021. Added to press clippings: Surrey’s South Campbell Heights land re-designation plan moves forward
October 30, 2021. Added an additional picture of a sign found south of 32nd Ave. on 196 St.
October 26, 2021. Added to Relevant Links concerning Agriculture Living Labs, 2 Billion Trees, and federal environmental resources. Also added Canada's Conservation Challenge and Strategy to the Relevant Links. Added a Biodiversity Map to Maps.
October 18, 2021. Added Federal ISED contact info under Key Agencies, FAQ and History.
October 16, 2021. Added a blog entry regarding the Surrey Planning response to our enquiry.
October 9, 2021. Added press clipping re South Campbell Heights and Metro Planning Committee.
October 8, 2021. Added the presentations made to the Metro Planning Committee meeting to Relevant Links.
October 5, 2021. Added a press clipping about the Metro Vancouver meeting re South Campbell Heights.
September 22, 2021. Under Key Agencies, removed Tamara Jansen and added John Aldag as MP for Cloverdale Langley City.
September 18, 2021. Added one item to the Press Clippings.
September 9, 2021. Added a new page to the main heading labelled as What's New. Added content. Removed a Press sourced article about IPCC from the Blog Page and included same in the Press Clippings page.
August 23, 2021. Added a change to the Home page indicating what we would ideally like to see happen with the Federal Property. Created a new page labelled Press Clippings and put it under Resources. Populated the page with the collection of articles accumulated over the year. Moved some articles from the Blog Page to the Press Clippings page.
August 15, 2021. Updated the Federal Land Status page with the most recent comment from Billy Ng of Federal Public Works.
August 12, 2021. Added the dialog with Metro Vancouver and Surrey Planning to the Blog. Added a picture of the latest Surrey 196 Street proposal sign to the Sign Postings page. 
July 14, 2021. Under Key Agencies, added Billy Ng from Public Works under the Federal Government heading

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