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The following from the office of MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay was in response to Rod Hull's question about protecting the Federal farmland at 192-196 Street and how it is vital in light of changing climate and the need for food security.

Dear Rod,


On behalf of Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Member of Parliament for South Surrey-White Rock, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail and thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with her on this important issue. 


Please be assured that your correspondence has been brought to Kerry-Lynne’s attention and that your views and suggestions are being carefully considered.  


This is an extremely important issue, and MP Findlay has met with the owners of Heppell Farms, as well as toured the land and facilities on multiple occasions.


This land plays a huge role in BC food security and climate change mitigation, and the premier farmland employs 230 people from our community. As this land is about a month ahead of the production of other farms, it provides much of the early carrot and cabbage supply for BC/Western Canada as well as 30-50% of BC/Western Canada’s early potato production.


MP Aldag, MP Hardie, MP Van Popta and MP Findlay are all working hard to ensure that the Ministers involved in the review, management, and possible sale of this land are aware of how important these agricultural lands are to BC and Western Canada.


They have written two letters to the Ministers, met with Ministerial staff, and continue to advocate for the land to be considered for the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), which would ensure that this land remains agricultural in purpose, rather than get developed for industrial purposes.


She believes that transferring this land into the ALR would be in the best interest of all parties involved and she hopes to see a complete analysis of the land be done with this consideration in mind.


Thank you again for contacting this office. 



Francesca Desaulniers

Executive Assistant

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