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Key Agencies

Please consider reaching out to your local government officials to request their help in saving this land from industrial development.

Below is a list of contacts at each level of government.

Federal Government

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

- Enquiries of Real Estate Services, PSPC,

- John Aldag, MP for Cloverdale/Langley City,

- Kerry-Lynne Findlay, MP for South Surrey/White Rock,

- Tako Van Popta, MP for Langley/Aldergrove [Brookswood MP],

Provincial Government

- Andrew Mercier, MLA for Langley,

- Elenore Sturko, MLA for South Surrey,

- George Heyman, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy,

Hon. Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food,

City of Surrey


- Mayor and Council Links:

Mayor Brenda Locke,

Councilor Mandeep Nagra,

Councilor Mike Bose,

Councilor Doug Elford,

Councilor Gordon Hepner,

Councilor Linda Annis,

Councilor Rob Stutt,

Councilor Pardeep Kooner,

Councilor Harry Bains,

- Adam Rossi, in Parks Planning,

- Melissa Johnson, Area Planning,

- Ben Daly, Area Planning,

- Markus Kischnick, Community Planning Division,

Township of Langley

- Mayor Eric Woodward, Township of Langley,

- Township of Langley Mayor and Council (Group Email),

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